A Hidden Treasure

I was surprised recently as  I was reading the Rockford Register Star, my local paper, to see that a gem of a house was up for auction. I’ve always admired the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, and I knew that he designed many buildings in the Chicago area. The surprise came when I saw that one of his houses was up for auction in my home town of Rockford. Upon doing some more digging, I discovered that I drive within a half-mile of this house every day on my way to work.

I love the layout of the house, its open floor plan and seamless integration of brick and wood. The Laurent House was the only house which Wright specifically designed for a handicapped client, the obvious reason for its wide open floor plan.

The house was bought at auction by the Laurent House Foundation, a local organization that formed in order to purchase the home for preservation. They will do some minor renovation, and eventually open it to the public, at which time I hope to be able to view it! Until then, here are a few pictures to fill the gap. Enjoy!

Sitting Room/Portrait WindowsView from the Living Room into the Sitting Room

View from the Living Room into the Sitting Room

Front View/Side Drive


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