Inventions of the Mind


Nikola Tesla is, in my own opinion, one of the most unrecognized inventors of the modern age. There is a reason for why he did not patent more inventions during his lifetime, and it is a reason that very few, if any other people in history can legitimately claim. During his lifetime, he was given approximately 278 patents in various countries around the world. What is so remarkable to me is that he is believed to have had countless other feasible, operational inventions for which he never even applied to obtain a patent!

What is the reason that he never sought to document these inventions? It can be explained in large part by the fact that Tesla possessed a photographic memory. Many people claim that in addition to that, he had the ability to visualize extraordinary amounts of information in his mind. He is described as being able to conceptualize an invention in his mind, create blueprints and calculations in his mind; and, by product of thought alone, he could create on his first try, a perfect working model of his initial theorized machine. Impressed? I certainly was when I first read of Tesla’s remarkable gift.

Here’s the reason he died with so many undocumented inventions. He claimed during his lifetime, that he had so many theories and ideas which he desired to pursue, that when he satisfied himself, mentally, mind you, that an idea of his could be successful in physical form, he simply forgot about it and moved on to the next idea. He never even bothered to write down his ideas or calculations! Some of Tesla’s supposed inventions for which no evidence exist include wireless power transmission, a death ray, earthquake inducing machines, and many other seemingly fanciful machines. Who knows what was invented in the mind of Mr. Tesla without actually being made in physical form? It’s an interesting thought though.


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