Lessons from History

The stories and characters that comprise history itself are almost boundless. Their lessons are all around us, filling the bookshelves of schools and libraries, stores and even warehouses the world over. I just was pondering as to why, with all of these historical lessons and examples available at our slightest whim, why does it seem as if no one learns from history’s lessons?

I don’t think that it is even for a lack of understanding the benefits of the insights from our past. Quotes abound that warn against the failure of forgetting the past, with the result always being that we will repeat that forgotten past, mistakes and all. But if this is such common knowledge, why are the mistakes of the past repeated so consistently?

I believe that a simple form of the answer is this. If you have a desire, and honest longing, to learn from those lessons of the past, then you will succeed in doing so. It cannot be pursued in a selfish, self-serving manner, in the fashion of those men who have sought to force history into their own mold. If you want to learn from history, simply observe and apply its lessons to the current situation. Nothing more is needed; no re-interpretation will suffice. Yes, times change; but principles do not change. The Bible is a perfect example, the foremost example, of timeless truth that can be applied to an ever-changing world without fail. Once again, you must approach it with an honest desire to learn whatever you can. Anyhow, it’s late and this is just a quick rambling about something I had been considering earlier today. There are many, many tangents that I could pursue from this thought line, and maybe I’ll chase them down eventually. 🙂


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