History in the Making…

This blog has officially begun! I am a consummate lover of history, some parts more than others admittedly, but history is my main interest nonetheless and this blog will be an outlet of mine for the time being. It blog will probably not take any one decided course, and I imagine that the posts will follow along with whatever strikes my fancy at the time. For today, I’ll leave you with a picture I came across of Cologne’s Cathedral. The picture was taken during World War II, and as you can see, the entire surrounding city lies in ruins, while the church itself stands majestic in the midst.  Hope that all that follows is somewhat interesting/informative! Enjoy and thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “History in the Making…

    • bewhuebner says:

      Is that still up somewhere? lol… First thing that popped into my head initially… It has since changed but it must still be floating somewhere…lol… You like that? haha

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